** Rules are subject to change and may do at anytime. Please check these rules when you book your game ticket.

Insurance Waiver

Group Booking Sizes

  • If you arrive in a group of 10 or more you will be split into different team colours for the sake of game balance. By buying game tickets you are accepting this term.
  • We will do our best to keep you playing in the same group so you’re playing in the same game together.

Age Policy

  • Players must be 16 or above. Players under 18 must have a parental/guardian consent form signed.


  • 0.32s BBs and under.

Weapon Magazines

  • Box and drum mags are not allowed (unless on an HPA pistol).

Bang Rule?

  • There is no bang rule. (we strictly check all weapons on our chronos & they are subject to spot checks).


  • Headshots are permitted when the only part of the enemy you can see is their head.
  • If you only show the enemy your head, expect it to be a target.
  • Be civil. If you can see center mass, aim for that instead.

Fire Modes

  • Only semi-automatic!
    • No full auto, burst, double triggers, trigger spam, or any other creative interpretation. 1 BB per trigger pull.
  • For pistol & shotguns events, the semi-automatic rule still applies.

HPA Weapons

  • Allowed
  • Bring a tournament lock if you have them
  • Expect your tank and regulators to be zip-tied on the day


  • No 12 gauge & over Blank Firing Devices (9mm & .209/6mm BFGs only).
  • No french bangers, crow scares, homemade, or anything from TAG innovations.
  • You must be aged 18 or over to buy pyrotechnics.
  • Nothing louder than a 9mm or MK5.
  • Thunderflashes & BB grenades both count as kills.
  • Smokes are NOT allowed (they take too long to clear due to ventilation)
  • Bangs ARE allowed on the Office & Warehouse floors
  • Bangs are NOT allowed on the Ground floor (until we can fully sound-proof it) or on the main staircase (overpowered based on player feedback)


  • ALWAYS wear gloves when handling pyrotechnics
  • ALWAYS read the instructions carefully before use
  • NEVER keep pyro in your pockets, e.g. use a dump pouch or on the very outside of your rigs putting as many layers between yourself and the pyro as possible
  • NEVER throw pyro at another players directly, aim for the floor nearby. Don’t drop pyro on players coming up stairs either (it may land in their rig).


  • Green & Red lasers are allowed on standard game days, as long as they are low powered (no more powerful than Class 2, or 1mW)
    • Green lasers not allowed when players are using NVGs in blackout games (as they can severely damage them)
  • Do not point into players’ faces purposefully or excessively


  • You will be given a Safety Briefing and Rule clarification before all games.
  • You will sign a waiver on entry.


  • Mesh style eye protection can be worn (as long as it meets standard EN166B)
  • It must be the single mesh layer version and curved (e.g. Heroshark or Nuprol), NOT multiple layered meshes or flat.
  • It should be from a reputable vendor. Its your eye sight. Don’t take any risks for the sake of saving a few £.


  • Eye protection – must be worn before exiting the safe area, during, and when in transit to game start points (it may only be removed in the Safe Area as directed by the Marshals).
  • For under 18s as per UK law full face protection is required. If you do not bring your own, it will be provided for you.

Strongly recommended:

  • Shoes / boots with ankle support.
  • Full face protection, covering the nose and mouth.
  • Gloves.
  • Soft head protection, covering the ears and neck (i.e. hood or soft hat).
  • Long sleeve tops and long trousers.


  • Head protection (e.g. a helmet, cap, cloth bandana etc).
  • Ear protection (e.g. disposable ear plugs).

The site has uneven surfaces with trip and fall hazards so suitable footwear should be worn at all times.

Knife kills

  • To simulate a knife kill, place a hand purposely on an opponent’s shoulder and say knife kill.
  • You may lightly touch the other player with the your weapon if you wish.

Building damage & vandalism

  • Players found deliberately breaking any windows, ceiling panels, or any other part of the building or the contents (including aiming up and shooting lights/ceiling tiles or any other objects) will count as vandalism, and may result in your immediate removal from the site and a possible ban. 
  • Players found breaking windows or doors deliberately will be held liable for repair costs.
  • Players found wrongfully discharging fire extinguishers will be held liable for a reasonable cost of their replacement.

All breakages should be reported to a Marshal immediately to prevent injury to other players and staff.

What counts as a hit?

  • A hit occurs when a BB fired directly from a gun, or launched by a grenade or spring operated trap, strikes a player anywhere on their body, clothing, or gun.
  • A single hit on your weapon counts as a kill.
  • Ricochets DO NOT COUNT as a kill. If in doubt, take the hit.

What do I do when I’ve been hit?

  • Shout HIT, & raise your hand above your head, and keep it up until you are back to your teams respawn area.
  • Dead players will not walk through hot areas, and will not be used for tactical gain.
  • Dead players do not talk. You do not tell your team where the other players are.

Sometimes Medics may be used in games. The rules for Medics will be explained in the game briefing.

Maximum BB FPS

  • Full auto weapons (e.g. rifles, smgs, pistols) – 350fps with a 0.2 BBs on OUR chronographs.
  • Any weapon to be found running hotter will not be used on site.
  • Players found using a hot weapon not checked by us or that has cheated the chronograph will be asked to leave.
  • Due to the CQB nature of the site, we take a very serious stance on hot weapons. We will be checking all guns before they can be used in the game.
  • We may perform random spot checks for player safety.
  • If any HPA user is seen increasing their pressure after being chrono’d they may be removed from the game or banned without warning.

Safe Zone rules

  • Weapons must be cleared and mags removed BEFORE entering the safe zone.
  • No dry-firing in the safe-zone.

Camping respawns

  • When the game allows respawns, we may close respawn to allow play to pass through.
  • Camping a respawn will result in it opening and you being shot very quickly.
  • Marshals may also be carrying weapons of their own to remind you not to camp an enemy respawn area.

Verbal and Physical abuse

  • Fighting or physically abusing players or Marshals will result in a site ban.
  • Verbal abuse towards players or Marshals will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the site.
  • Players found to be aggressive and confrontational may be warned at the Site Staffs discretion or asked to leave depending on the situation.
  • Cheat calling is expressly forbidden, seek a Marshal if you have an issue with another player. If you are caught cheating you will be respawned by a Marshal & verbally warned. Repeat offenders will be removed from the current game, then finally asked to leave the site.


  • Whilst on the site you agree to being photographed, and video recorded by other players and Echelon Airsoft.
  • These images may be published and distributed via the internet or in any other medium for promotional purposes.

Ticket refunds & transfers

  • Refunds will be requested in writing to the email address found on the contact page more than 48 hours ahead of the game start date.
    • Refund requests received after this will be denied, but may be eligable for a transfer to another game date.
    • Players asked to leave the game area by the Staff (who have agreed to the game rules and have knowingly and willfully broken these rules) will not be eligable to receive a refund.
    • Players who choose to leave themselves after starting to use the service are not eligable to receive a refund.
  • Ticket Transfers are available up to 24 hours before the game date, and can be requested by sending an email to the address found on the contact page.
    • Transfers can only be made to another game date of equivalent value (e.g. A Saturday ticket could be transferred to another Saturday or a Sunday).

Ticket refusals

Echelon Airsoft reserves the right to refuse a ticket sale based on a players previous conduct and/or behaviour at the site.
If a player is found to have used a false name to wrongfully acquire a ticket, they will be refused entry on the day.

Marshals’ decisions are final and are based on safety and good intent.

If you are unclear on any of these rules, or you have any questions about them, just ask one of our friendly, experienced marshaling staff


  • Box & Drum magazines (unless on an HPA pistol).
  • Sniper rifles & DMRs.
  • Air rifles, homemade weapons, or any other firearms are NOT allowed on site.
  • Alcohol.
  • Drugs.
  • BBs heavier than 0.32g.
  • 12 Gauge blank firing devices.
  • Launchers (of any kind).